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Sound Healing Treatment Session – 60 minute

Sound is a form of energy that can be used for relaxation, mediation, and deep release.  These 60 minute sessions are very deep and restorative.  Allow your body and mind to release long-held tensions while experiencing  live vibrations of crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, vocal harmonies, gong, chimes, drums and more. Available for 1:1 and groups

Vocal Toning Release – 30/60 minute

Be guided through deep emotional release to help process stress, emotions, trauma and the holding of inherited stories and perceptions as we vocalize the feelings behind these energies into sound.

Life Coaching Session – 60 minute

We work together to facilitate positive growth and change, to help bring more clarity, focus, encouragement and possibility to your life by shifting old stories and beliefs and awakening your inner power to manifest the life and dreams of your desire.

Energy Clearing

In addition to within our bodies, energy residues can also remain fixated or stuck in physical locations and spaces such as rooms in our home, office or living spaces.  These energy clearing sessions will help move the energy up and out of your space, and be replaced by fresh, uplifted energy, set with your intentions, and the gentle forces of sound healing and incense.

Ceremonial Musician for Groups & Gatherings

I am available for retreats, workshops, ceremonies, festivals to offer individual and group sound healing, energy clearings, manifestations, intentions and blessings.  Below are some other ways I am able to lead:

Sound Healing Workshop / Course
Learn about sacred sound, frequency and vibration and learn how to begin toning.  Available as workshops at yoga centers, retreats, festivals, corporate gatherings, family gatherings and more.

Drum Circle Facilitator
Experience the powerful transformative experience of group drum circle gatherings.  Available to introduce, lead and guide individuals/groups through the cathartic experience of returning to one’s original roots and vibrations via the rhythm of drumming and percussion.

Kirtan Chanting
Available to lead or assist at any kirtan chanting experiences.  Kirtan is the science of reconnecting to the Love of the creator through ecstatic chant, dance and community. 

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