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I create space for healing & release to help re-Member who we are.

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Musician, teacher and Holistic voice therapist with Kundalini Yoga teacher certification offers individual and group vibrational therapies and healing modalities



Matthew Jaidev (Matthew Duplessie) is a musician, artist and spiritual teacher promoting self-love, the elevation of collective planetary consciousness and the healing powers of self-expression. As an internationally renowned world music recording artist inspired by the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Holistic Voice Therapy, he layers powerful vocal harmonies, throat-singing, indigenous instruments, chants, mantras and thoughtful cinematic production in his audio and visual music productions.


In his art and teachings, Matthew weaves together the wisdom of indigenous spiritual practices with progressive healing technologies inspired from his trainings and study of Kundalini Yoga, Holistic Voice Therapy, Bio-field Tuning, Astro-theology, Creative Arts Self-Expression, Life Coaching, Alchemy, Shamanism, Meditation, Mindfulness and the cultivation of individual and group Energy Awareness and Emotional Processing for the intention of Holistic Healing and Planetary Harmony.

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