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Matthew Jaidev

Matthew Jaidev is a live loop artist musician, singer, songwriter, music producer and the gifted authority of Sound Energy Healing in Savannah, Georgia. Please enjoy exploring his music and to experience Matthew's healing musical gifts in person through holistic voice therapy sound healing sessions, live musical performances and sound energy workshops in the links above!

The Power of Sound Healing with Voice

3 Day Dare!

Are You Ready To Transform the energy and power of your voice to become an instrument of healing?

  • Develop an awareness of your voice’s creative power and potential
  • Learn about the fundamentals of sound healing
  • Increase your energy levels, balance your mood and emotions
  • See the power of your words and vibration in influencing our perception of ourselves and our reality

Music is Medicine: How Are You Feeling Today?

Brush Your Teeth And Go To Bed Children's Book

Brush Your Teeth And Go To Bed is a bedtime children’s book written by Matthew Jaidev and illustrated by his brother Brenton, inspired from Matthew's song of the same name. Sing along as you read the beautifully illustrated pages to your children to help encourage them to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. This colorful children’s book reminds children of the importance of following their dreams and the beauty in sharing their gifts with the world.

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Universal Prayer 4Hz Theta Binaural Beats

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Pranic Healing - 11 Minute Morning Energy Healing Exercises

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Matthew Jaidev is a singer, songwriter, music producer and sound healer advocating the healing power of music, self-expression, positive mindset and self-love.

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