AudioSoul Healing By Matthew Duplessie
Matthew Thomas Jaidev Duplessie (Photo by Colin Gray, courtesy of The Corner Suite)

Musician, teacher and Holistic voice therapist with Kundalini Yoga teacher certification offers individual and group vibrational therapies and healing modalities

Matthew Jaidev (Matthew Duplessie) is a musician, artist and spiritual teacher promoting self-love, the elevation of collective planetary consciousness and the healing powers of self-expression. As an internationally renowned world music recording artist inspired by the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Holistic Voice Therapy, he layers powerful vocal harmonies, throat-singing, indigenous instruments, chants, mantras and thoughtful cinematic production in his audio and visual music productions.

In his art and teachings, Matthew weaves together the wisdom of indigenous spiritual practices with progressive healing technologies inspired from his trainings and study of Kundalini Yoga, Holistic Voice Therapy, Bio-field Tuning, Astro-theology, Creative Arts Self-Expression, Life Coaching, Alchemy, Shamanism, Meditation, Mindfulness and the cultivation of individual and group Energy Awareness and Emotional Processing for the intention of Holistic Healing and Planetary Harmony.

Read more about Matthew’s journey of healing below


As a young boy, I grew up as a highly creative, imaginative and curious soul.  With that depth came a sensitivity that made it challenging to feel the full emotional range of the human experience.  My fight or flight response from feeling social anxiety was to retreat into myself and self-isolate where I could be free from feeling the emotions of others and from within myself.

After many years of feeling stuck within myself, I realized I was holding myself back with fears, limiting beliefs, and strong self-doubt.

The day I discovered that I could express myself musically was the day that began my journey of self-liberation.  I found the healing power in expressing my voice, in expressing my emotions, and in liberating my spirit to be free and soar.

The path of music and self-expression opened me to want to explore the bigger questions of ‘Who am I?’, ‘What’s my purpose?’ and ‘What is the meaning of life?’. 

I have realized that all those answers we seek are within us, and can be rediscovered when we liberate ourselves from the self-limiting beliefs and mindsets that hold our freedom back.

Since that awakening I have been on the path of self-development and have turned this desire to help others discover and develop their gifts and live the fullness of their life’s purpose and potential.


AudioSoul Healing is the vision of Savannah, Georgia creator Matthew Thomas Duplessie (Matthew Jaidev).

Matthew is a prolific and talented musician, songwriter and producer who has turned his focus to the healing power of sound, music, frequency and vibration.

Exploring the power of the voice as a tool of self-expression and healing, he has come to discover an amazing world of insights, connected to mind/body awareness and wholeness, fueled by the healing power of sound.

His favorite creative expression is to loop and layer his voice, creating choirs, atmospheric textures and hypnotic trances evoking distant times and places.  This has become a trademark to the unique layered sound heard on his AudioSoul Healing work and his long-time singer/songwriter project, Clandestiny.

Utilizing his voice, singing bowls, rattles, shakers, hand-drums, percussion, flutes, stringed-instruments and didgeridoos, he channels vibrations inspired by world music, foreign cultures, and journeys through spirited expressions.


Beyond his affinity for music, Matthew has explored may deep paths of spiritual health, healing and wellness.  He is a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga, certified in Reiki hands on healing Level II, certified life coach practitioner and certified holistic voice therapist.  

He believes in the philosophy of Chinese Medicine that “All dis-ease is a result of unexpressed emotion”.

Matthew believes in the power of daily discipline and ritual in all areas of body, mind and spirit.  He is an advocate of creating a healthy morning routine, which for him consists of meditation, fasting, breathing exercises, energy cultivation and intentional prayer.


In addition to his passion for music and healthy lifestyle, Matthew also has a talent for visual art and design.  Graduating with a background in Motion Media Design and Interactive Media, he has created and designed this AudioSoul Healing website as well as assists clients in creating their visual branding for their business success.  He is proficient in audio and video editing, web design, graphic design, motion media animation design and all things technology and multimedia.


Matthew loves to inspire, guide, encourage, uplift, motivate and help others reconnect to and remember who they are.  He has experience leading workshops related to sound healing, the science of mantra chanting, and has created a six-week sound energy healing workshop in Savannah, Georgia.  He has also created a 10-day Sound Healing with Voice online course which has been attended by 7,000 students worldwide on the meditation app Insight Timer.

My Journey in Sound, Art & Healing







Growing up, young Matthew spent countless hours enjoying cartoons and programs by Walt Disney and Jim Henson.  His grandparents had cable television and would mail these entertaining children’s shows to him and his brothers several times a year for them to enjoy.  Looking back, he realizes how influential the music of these cartoons was to him and believes this was his first real exposure to experiencing music in a context of creating emotion, energy and deep lasting memories.



He also had an affinity for creating sound effects and sounds with his mouth.  His parents gifted him with a small Yamaha keyboard as a youth, which allowed the sampling of one’s voice and playing it back over the keys in different pitches and resonances.  He enjoyed the diversity of such books as “Mouth Sounds” and found himself apt to mimicry whenever he was around others or heard a voice that inspired him.  This mimicry has become what Matthew describes as ‘the best way to learn something is to copy it from someone else’.



Inspired by his younger brother’s request for a guitar for Christmas one year, It wasn’t until Matthew was 19 years old that he realized he himself had any musical talent.   After picking up guitar himself, he began gaining confidence in his playing, and developed an awareness of how great of a passion music was becoming.  Gifted with an ear for melody and ability to learn songs by ear, he began transcribing hundreds of his favorite songs into guitar tablature.  This was a great way to learn new techniques, chord progressions and develop his own unique playing style which came to involve arpeggiations, and the use of reverb and delay to create space and atmosphere.



It was here that he also began to develop his love for singing.  Matthew would spend hours in the basement of his parent’s home, singing along to his favorite rock and pop songs through his guitar amplifier and a cheap microphone.  He began noticing the elation and joy that was evoked from within by expressing himself through singing.



As his continued on his path, Matthew began seeking others to share his passions with and joined several bands while living in Ohio.  The benefits of these interactions allowed him to begin developing an interest in audio production and recording.  In 2004, these pursuits led him to attend The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio where he spent 12-weeks obtaining knowledge of audio production, studio experience and certification in their programs.  It was here that he had his first experience in scoring sound and music for picture.



Now that he had discovered another passion in producing music, he began writing his own songs and produced, wrote and performed his first album, “The Introspective Year” in 2008 when he was 27 years old.



In the fall of 2008, Matthew moved to Savannah, Georgia, with the intention of learning how to create soundtracks for film at the Savannah College of Art & Design‘s Sound Design program.  It turned out the Sound program focused more on sound effects, foley and dialogue and Matthew dauntingly switched his major to Motion Media Design to learn about animation, design and creating beautiful visuals.



During his time in Savannah, Matthew met countless talented musicians and joined several bands in his time there.  He continued to hone his production and songwriting skills and wrote his second album of songs between 2009-2010, which came to be titled “Following The Muse”.






Reading the book, “The Celestine Prophecy” totally transformed Matthew’s perspective of life, and began to see all of his interactions with other’s in terms of energy.  It was this paradigm shift that guided him into the awareness that every living creature is comprised of energy and as humans, we are constantly leaving impressions of our energy on the world around us.



One of the greatest vehicles and instruments of sound is the human voice.  This awareness began guiding Matthew into the world of sound healing, and into the arena of self-exploration, and catharsis through self-expression.



In Savannah in 2014, Matthew was blessed to live at Anahata Healing Arts, a community center and yoga studio.  In addition to aiding Anahata in their branding, promotion and vision, Matthew was encouraged to being exploring his own programs.  It was here that he began organizing weekly gatherings in the yoga sanctuary entitled Savannah Sacred Sound Circle – Sounding Your Intentions.



At the sound circles, Matthew would organize and lead by example, the cathartic power in vocalizing or toning one’s intentions through the use of our voices, instruments, drums and spirited harmony.  After months of exploring these gatherings, Matthew’s vision grew to plan and organize Manifest 2015 – A Sound Healing Experience & Conscious Gathering  for the public of Savannah.









“ManiFest 2015 is the first of many conscious gatherings of the healing arts community to raise awareness of the transformative power of sound, frequency and vibration as powerful tools of self-expression. The event is open to the public and all attending are invited to participate in fun interactive experiences such as a Oneness Blessing/Gratitude Circle, Angel Walk, drum circles, chanting, singing, dancing and more. A sound and movement concert experience, led by Savannah musician Matthew Duplessie and friends, intends to create a space for all to share their unique truths, expressed through finding inner harmony in our body, mind and spirit.

ManiFest’s vision is to connect the local healing arts community and the public to raise awareness, create inspirations and remember simple truths through interactive, fun and conscious-connecting experiences.”



In addition to organizing the successful and memorable Manifest event, in 2015 Matthew also wrote and produced 3 more albums, under the fuel of his sonic musings; “Songs of Light”, “AudioSoul Healing Volume 1: DreamTime Journey”, and “The Journey Aum”.






All of his albums may be downloaded and purchased at: MatthewJaidev.bandcamp.com



Matthew now continues to develop his explorations with sound and strives to focus his life path in sharing the healing power of sound and self-expression through the channel of  AudioSoul Healing .

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