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The Path to Freedom

  • Would you like to feel good in your body?
  • Do you struggle with feelings of being stuck in limiting beliefs?
  • Are you ready to open you heart fully and share your gifts with the world?

guidance on the path

After years of knowing something has to change, I’ve dug deep within myself to confront the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  As a result I’ve discovered and created a practical approach to facilitate positive change and growth that I’d love to share with you.

Working with me, I guide and facilitate positive change and growth using the tools of healthy lifestyle cultivation, mindfulness in body, mind and speech through meditation, kundalini yoga and holistic voice therapy, mindset and belief transformation and guidance tuning into your unique gifts to rediscover your purpose in life and remember who you are.

about the work
There is a 5 stage process of transformation to assess where we are and discover where we want to go.

  1. TENSION >>> Tuning into stored tension and pain in the body
    Tension is inner conflict and unresolved challenges from our life.

  2. INTENTION >>> Making a decision about how we would like to feel
    Intention allows us to set new goals to walk towards based on our desire to change and feel good in our body

  3. KNOWLEDGE >>> Gaining new mindset tools and beliefs from guided experiences working with Matthew
    Knowledge empowers us to know which steps to take next towards our goals and dreams 

  4. EXPERIENCE >>>  Moving through an experience allows us to embody new realizations about who we are.
    Experiences in life inform our perspectives and allow us to see what is possible for us..

  5. SELF-BELIEF >>> Self-belief is the developed confidence in our capabilities. We know who we are when we see the value in our gifts.

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Holistic Voice Therapy & LIFE GUIDANCE

Be guided through deep emotional release to help process stress, emotions, trauma and the holding of inherited stories and perceptions as we vocalize the feelings behind these energies into sound.
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Musical Performance / Workshop

Matthew is available for musical performance in any type of venue, concert, festival or wellness environment.  Using the power of his voice, guitar, didgeridoo, drums, flutes and more, he creates an uplifting and memorable sonic atmosphere that inspires listeners to access their deepest sense of self.  Matthew is also available to teach workshops about the healing powers of sound, mantra chanting, voice activation and more.

Music Composition

Having completed over 13 albums of music in the past decade, Matthew is the authority on music production and healing music practices.  Highly recommended if you are interested in meditation music, binaural beats, isochronic tones, overtone-singing, harmonics, ethnic and world sounds and cinematic production.


Sound is a form of energy that can be used for relaxation, mediation, and deep release.  These 60 minute sessions are very deep and restorative.  Allow your body and mind to release long-held tensions while experiencing  live vibrations of crystal singing bowls, didgeridoo, vocal harmonies, chimes, drums and more. Available for 1:1 and groups

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I look forward to working with you to facilitate positive change and grow together! –

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