AudioSoul Healing By Matthew Duplessie
Holistic Voice Therapy

Holistic Voice Therapy

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Session Info

In one-hour (60 minute) sessions, be guided through deep emotional release to help process stress, emotions, trauma and the holding of inherited stories and perceptions as together we vocalize the feelings behind these energies into sound.

Typical session involves:
– Discovering the core issues at hand
– Light and gentle movement to warmup/prepare for vocalizing
– Guided vocalizations (we create sounds together for processing emotional energy)
– Opportunity to replace limiting belief systems with positive affirmations
– Discovery of your acroname – the inherent meaning and purpose built into your very own name!


  • Express yourself more fully, communicating with your authentic voice, without insecurity, Increased self-esteem and personal confidence, sense of “Self”
  • The Discovery and Transformation of harmful mental and physical self-image patterns
  • Opportunities to tune into and let go of limiting belief systems
  • Release tension and stress, resulting in increased energy
  • Improved communications skills in all relationships
  • Increased Body, Mind and Emotional awareness
    Mind, body, breath connection
    Increased knowledge of voice and breath function
  • Ability to set healthy boundaries in relationships
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My Story

Looking back at my life, I see my entire life’s journey has been one of learning how to express myself. As a young child I was very gifted at art and saw the world from a deep place of curiosity and introspection. I was very shy, sensitive and kept so much bottled up inside of me.

It wasn’t until I discovered my musical gifts at the age of 19 when my youngest brother Brenton asked for a guitar for Christmas. Watching him play unlocked this musical gift inside of me, and thus was born my passion for self-expression.

Along the way, I discovered the years of unexpressed feelings, emotions, and words. It has really been a life-long journey of learning to express myself. Through my journey of music, I discovered the greatest instrument of all, and that was through the power of expression through my voice. In particular singing, toning and emoting.

It was through this both painful and pleasurable journey of self-discovery that I understood the key to my healing was through expressing myself and the voice is the fastest way to move emotion (energy in motion) through us!

The Insight!

Being a human being, we are ALL blessed with an unique and healing tool…

Our voice’s give us an opportunity to move stagnant energy through us and release long held-tensions.

Vocal toning helps move unprocessed emotional energy.

Pain, suffering, grief, trauma, regret – All have a vibrational frequency.
Just as –
Joy, bliss, happiness, contentment, peace and gratitude.

When we move through the heavier and denser emotions, it helps clear a pathway/passageway for lighter feelings to arise up.

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