The Power of Sound Healing with Voice – 10 Day Audio Course
The Power of Sound Healing with Voice – 10 Day Audio Course

The Power of Sound Healing with Voice – 10 Day Audio Course


In this 10-day self-guided audio course, we will explore the power of sound healing by developing an awareness of your voice’s creative power and potential. Each day you will learn about the fundamentals of sound healing and explore how developing an awareness of your voice as a tool can help increase your energy levels, balance your mood and emotions, and help you see the power of your words and vibration in influencing our perception of ourselves and our reality. We will cover all sorts of exciting and fun topics related to sound, frequency and vibration and explore sound healing instruments, mantras, vocal toning, affirmations, chakra toning and explore sound’s influence in all aspects of our life.


Overall Audio Play time: 2 hours, 14 minutes over 10 high quality mp3 audio files



The Intro to Sound Healing with Voice 10-Day course offers listeners an introduction into the world of sound healing.  Listeners will learn about commonly used terminology, learn about how sound affects the human body, mind and spirit, and come into a deeper relationship with our most powerful healing instrument, our voice.  Explore chanting, mantras, toning and affirmations to come into a deeper harmony with your own vibration and move through life with a heightened awareness of the power of sound’s healing energy potentials.

Each day’s topic:

Day 1:  Cultural Narrative of Sound (10:40)

In our first class, we will explore how sound is a foundational force behind the creation stories and mythologies throughout various cultures around the world.  In developing a heightened awareness of sound as a creative energy, we begin to see how we can shape our perception of life through expressing sounds.

Day 2:  What is Sound Healing? (11:38)

In class two, we define sound healing and explore some terms and definitions that we will use throughout the course to talk about how sound operates, such as frequency, pitch, dynamics, timbre, rhythm and tempo.  We will also discover the lowest and highest pitched sounds we are able to create in our voice’s dynamic range.

Day 3: Resonance, Entrainment & Intention (11:38)

In class three we will explore three important topics in sound healing known as resonance, entrainment and the power of intention.  Discover how sound has the ability to influence our human physiology and be guided to discover the power in the expressing of long standing dreams and desires.

Day 4: How Sound Affects The Human Body & Mind (14:36)

In class four we explore more deeply how sound has the potential to affect our human energy body through the stimulation of our chakra centers.  This class allows for a unique chakra toning experience, to discover the ability to use sound to affect and energize different parts of our body and energy body.

Day 5: Exploring Sound Healing Instruments (17:22)

In class five, get an opportunity to explore different sound healing instruments that are rich in healing harmonic tones such as the didgeridoo, native American flute, singing bowls, chimes and the gong.  Tone along with the gong using the sound of the cosmic Om to finish the day’s sonic journey of healing frequencies.

Day 6: The Science of Mantra Chanting (15:13)

In class six we explore the diverse world of mantra chanting.  Through the technology of yoga, learn how the chanting of mantras is able to stimulate and balance our nervous system and bring us into the state of a neutral mind.  Practice chanting a powerful chant from the Kundalini Yoga tradition and deepen your awareness of the hypnotic power of self-created sound.

Day 7:  Vowel & Consonant Chanting (18:02)

In class seven we dissect the fundamental root sounds that make up every word we speak, hear and think through exploring combinations of vowel and consonant syllables.  This class offers a powerful opportunity to rebalance our relationship to sounds that we have been making our entire life, and to discover which sounds may trigger our feelings of joy or anxiety when expressed.

Day 8:  Vocal Toning Day 1 (11:08)

In class eight we explore the first of two days of exploring a more relaxed way of making sounds called toning.  Toning is the spontaneous creation of sounds in relation to the emotions, feelings or energies that we are feeling in the moment. In this day’s experience we will explore toning lower pitched sounds.

Day 9: Vocal Toning Day 2 (11:16)

In class nine we continue exploring toning sounds, this time of a higher vocal register which affects our physiology more cerebrally and in our upper chest, head and neck.  Get an opportunity to tone these higher pitches as well as be exposed to the healing harmonic sounds of Tibetan throat singing, also known as overtone singing.

Day 10:  Affirmations & “Acroname” (12:18)

In this tenth and final class, we finish up with a discussion of how words and affirmations have the power to affect our mood, and explore how our manner of expressing ourselves may shape the perception of our reality.  Walk away from this course with the gift of a deeper awareness of the power of sound and of the affirmation and mantra built right into your very own name.

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