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Sound Healing & Vibrational Balancing Services


Thank you for your interest! I would love to be a part of your journey and to help open the door to discovering our pathways to healing, health, balance and the true prosperity that we all deserve!

Please take a moment to read through a few of my offerings and send me a message below when you are ready to get started with your sound healing journey!

All the best,
Matthew Jaidev Duplessie

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Sound Healing Treatment Session

Our live sound healing sessions range from 45-90 minutes and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Sessions can be facilitated as private one-on-one healings or in group gatherings.


Vocal Empowerment Lesson

Discover the hidden power and potential within you through harnessing the power of your voice, the gateway to your infinite potential.  Learn how to discover your true vocal identity, find the power of hidden in the vibration of your own name, and learn how to use toning to move stagnant energy and heal yourself and others.


Sound Healing Workshop
Learn about sacred sound, frequency and vibration and learn how to begin toning.  Available as workshops at yoga centers, retreats, festivals, corporate gatherings, family gatherings and more.


Energy Clearing
In addition to within our bodies, energy residues can also remain fixated or stuck in physical locations and spaces such as rooms in our home, office or living spaces.  These energy clearing sessions will help move the energy up and out of your space, and be replaced by fresh, uplifted energy, set with your intentions, and the gentle forces of sound healing and incense.


Drum Circle Facilitator
Experience the powerful transformative experience of group drum circle gatherings.  Available to introduce, lead and guide individuals/groups through the cathartic experience of returning to one’s original roots and vibrations via the rhythm of drumming and percussion.


Kirtan Chanting

Available to lead or assist at any kirtan chanting experiences.  Kirtan is the science of reconnecting to the Love of the creator through ecstatic chant, dance and community.


Schedule a Session

If you would like to schedule a sound healing session with AudioSoul Healing or learn more about the power of sound, please send us a message in the form below. We look forward to sharing sacred sound healing with you !


You may also contact Matthew Jaidev at
-or- by phone at 440-315-1679.

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