AudioSoul Healing By Matthew Duplessie
AudioSoul Healing

AudioSoul Healing

AudioSoul Healing:

AudioSoul Healing is the vision of musician, producer and sound healer, Matthew Jaidev Duplessie. Matthew seeks to educate and raise awareness to the transformative powers of sound, frequency and vibration as powerful tools of self-expression!

In experiencing and expressing intentional sounds through meditation, chant, song, dance and story, the hueman body, mind and spirit can rediscover original states of peace, joy and harmony. It is in these states that we become aware to the infinite flow of life force energy that is available at all times to nourish our being.


Our mission is:

  • To educate about the potentials of sound to restore health and wellness;
  • To uplift energy and elevate consciousness in individuals seeking to rediscover their unique creative Spirits;
  • To transmit high-vibrational sound and musical frequencies of harmony, health and purpose to local communities and around the world.

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