AudioSoul Healing By Matthew Duplessie


Victory - Matthew Jaidev (2020)

Victory is the 11th album written, produced and performed by Matthew Jaidev. This latest effort is his ‘magnum-opus’ – an offering rich in songwriting, acoustic guitar fingerpicking and arpeggios, rich vocal layers and harmonies, and deeply-felt soulful expressing. This album was inspired as a dedication to his beloved and the power of love as healing medicine.

Mantra Music - Matthew Jaidev (2019)

Mantra Music is the compilation of over 5 years of gathered melodies, chants, mantras and compositions by Matthew Jaidev Duplessie. These chants originate from many traditions, but many are from the Kundalini Yoga tradition in which Matthew has received formal training and education. Throughout this 2 hour album, listen to mantras ranging from 5 minutes to 31 minutes and chant along to access deeper spaces of joy, presence and transcendence!

The Message - CLANDESTINY V - (2018)

The Message is the 5th album Matthew was written and produced under his name Clandestiny.

This work has been a journey of Matthew discovering the power of his voice and message to uplift others through sharing the wisdom encoded in each of us as L.O.V.E. (Life’s Original Vibrational Energy).

In this diverse 15-track offering, Matthew explores hip-hop rapping, beat boxing, haunting tribal vocals, electronic production, layers of acoustic guitars and voices, instrumental journeys and heartfelt songwriting and lyrics. Thank you for listening and enjoy his words and song as The Message.

Energize - AudioSoul Healing (2018)

Relax is a compilation of new and existing material that Matthew has composed for his AudioSoul Healing project.

This album is a compilation of musical tracks produced and designed to relax, calm, inspire peace, clarity of mind and bring restful, meditative energy into your life! These selections have been deliberately produced and chosen to bring about a sense of calm and well-being.

Energize - AudioSoul Healing (2018)

Energize is a compilation of new and existing material that Matthew has composed for his AudioSoul Healing project.

Shines of the Sun - Shines of The Sun (2017)

Shines of the Sun is an album produced and written in collaboration with lyricist, poet and vocalist Kortusphere Adas.

Shines of the Sun is an epic and multi-faceted fusing of two of Savannah, Georgia’s most prolific musicians and performers, master mind poet Kortusphere & sonic guru loop-artist Clandestiny.

The duo’s 13-track self-titled album takes listeners on a blissful journey of songs and interludes layered in rich voices, hypnotic passages and soaring atmospheres into the Shines of the Sun.

Seeing the pair live proves a memorable show as the two perform spontaneously, creating the music live piece by piece and supplementing with captivating visuals and stage presence.

The Journey Aum - Clandestiny IV - (2015)

The Journey Aum is the fourth full-length album produced, written and performed by Clandestiny. This 17-track album is a cinematic sonic journey, delving deep into the subconscious energy of the body, mind, and spirit of human-kin, Earth and the Uni-Verse, to release the cathartic expression of timeless truths we all contain within.

Songs Of Light - Clandestiny III - (2015)

Songs of Light is Matthew’s 3rd album written and produced under his name Clandestiny.  The third epic album channeled forth by the enigmatic and creative pathways of Clandestiny, delving deeper into world, tribal and atmospheric sounds and influences.

Following The Muse - Clandestiny II - (2013)

Following The Muse was Matthew’s second album written between the years of 2008-2013

The Introspective Year - Clandestiny I - (2008)

The Introspective Year was the first album written and produced by Matthew and was his first discovery into the healing power of music.  This album was penned in one of the darkest places of Matthew’s life, where he overcame his emotional despair after being heartbroken and grieving over the loss of a lover.


This album was the beginning of Matthew discovering his trademark style of guitar arpeggios, layers of reverberated vocals, and thoughtful, immersive cinematic production.


Written under his musical moniker, Clandestiny, a self-chosen name which to him carried the meaning “your hidden fate awaits you”.  This belief was another part of Matthew’s interest to later be discovered in life in exploring the nature of energy and synchronicity which connects us to the seemingly magic ‘coincidences’ in life that help instill in us a greater faith in the powers of the Universe.

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