Energy, Vibration & Frequency – The Science of Sound
Energy, Vibration & Frequency – The Science of Sound

Energy, Vibration & Frequency – The Science of Sound

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Energy, Vibration and Frequency & The Power of The Word

“If you want to understand the nature of the universe,
look in terms of energy, vibration and frequency” – Nikola Tesla

As we have been taught, all life started long ago with The Big Bang; a cosmic explosion or perhaps implosion from the dark vacuum of ‘nothingness’ into the galaxies and Universe.

Recent evidence shows how our galaxy is still spiraling through space, following the lead trajectory of our Sun, like the residue of a great comet, blazing across the cosmos.

(Video credit – Youtube: DjSadhu)

Where are we all headed? How did we get here? Such profound questions stir in our hearts as we begin to look deeper into the meaning of this all. This great beginning has been recanted and described in many forms beyond the scientific explanation. We can look to the Bible for the story of Creation.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God” 

This initial passage becomes a powerful key that will begin to form the basis for future explorations to come in the text. Primarily the idea that the Big Bang (a sound) and the Word (a sound) are being described using similar symbology, that using our English language shows us that it all started with a Sound. Perhaps this is why it is called the Uni-Verse? (Many sounds/words comprise the passages of a verse, and this entire Universe’s connection makes it the One Verse of the Cosmic Song.)

As everything is Energy vibrating, we are coming to find out that everything vibrating creates a sound due to the movement of air particles in space. These vibrations are referred to as oscillations, and in measuring the oscillations we can determine a thing’s frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz), oscillations or cycles per second.

So in the beginning was this great vibratory event that expanded and projected itself outwardly from some sort of unknown inner center. My explorations have come to see the significance of sound as informing us of our truest nature as Creator Beings, and by developing an awareness of each one of our words, thoughts and expressions as miniature ‘Big Bangs’, we begin to see the profound manner in which in every moment, consciously or not, we are creating our perceptions of self and of the world around us.

The Holy Trinity – Attack, Sustain and Decay

To further see the parallel’s of how Sound is at the forefront of the entire creation process, we can dissect sound into three main components, which are Attack, Sustain and Decay. These three components are the Beginning, Middle, and End of a sound. Just like any good story has a beginning, middle and end, so does every sound.


Try saying a word out loud like, SPEAK.  This one-syllable word still has the three parts of sound as above. SP(attack), EA(sustain), K-uh(Decay) as the end of the breath.

There is profound significance in this when we look to the nature of the word GOD being a creative force, as an acronym and break it down into the three principles of creation: Generating (Attack), Operating (Sustain) and Dissolving (Decay).  Furthermore, we see that this principle is confirmed in the ancient Vedic texts of India with the godhead aspects of Brahma (Generator/Creator), Vishnu (Sustainer/Maintainer) and Shiva (Dissolver/Destroyer).


We even see that all of life follows this same threefold pattern and plan:
Birth (Generating/Attack),
Life (Operating/Sustain) and
Death (Dissolving/Decay).

To further explore this idea of sound as a crucial ingredient, we then can turn to a sound waveform as another clue to the nature of our reality. A sound waveform is a pictorial way to depict the frequency oscillations of any type of sound. The most simple and easy sound form to depict is the Sine Wave.


As you see here, there is an upper arc, a Peak and a lower arc, a Valley, and they begin, converge and end all on the centerline of equilibrium. This simple pattern becomes a great metaphor for the duality of life known it it’s many forms, yin/yang, day/night, light/dark, masculine/feminine, etc. We can see that every force has its opposing force. Expansion/contraction is the true dance of the Universe, and that which cause the Tension/Release of music, and the flirtatious excitement of romance and relationship. Two steps forward, one step back, cha cha cha.


Amidst all of this knowledge and awareness of energy, frequency and vibration, we can then begin to apply this to all-living things. All conscious, sentient beings also follow the same principles of sound that we have discussed above. In the Human experience, we can then bring forth two main principles that shall guide one’s awareness even deeper.

First Principle: Sound has Creative/Destructive Power & Potential

The nature of sound and vibration, and the significance of our words, thoughts and emotions have creative power and potential as vibratory forces. In further chapters, we shall explore the contagious aspect of The Word in shaping our reality and in influencing our environment.

Second Principle: Sounds peaks and valleys mimic the journey of Life

The aspect of the duality of our waveform, having both a peak and a valley is represented in the dual nature of the Hue-Man Be-ing, which shall be the topic of our next chapter.

Before we move on, one last principle I would like to discuss, which may hold extreme significance in our understanding of how everything operates, as we expand our consciousness further is the idea of entrainment.

Entrainment is essentially what happens when the rhythm of one entity/force locks into place with another. We see this happening all the time in humans like when women who live together over time their moon cycle’s synchronize with one another, or even in science, if you place a series of metronomes in a room together, eventually they will all come to fall on the same rhythm simultaneously. See below for an example of this at work:

This is the nature of entrainment!

When a rhythm, tempo or beat is the most predominant in it’s environment, it has the potential to naturally start tuning other consciousness to its rhythm, until they are on the same pacing and timing with one another. A very exciting discovery is that our pulse can be entrained by music, and this happens all the time when we are listening to music, as well as when we are sensitive to any and all sounds and vibrations in our environment. This can have its benefits and repercussions, ultimately depending on the nature of the vibration that is entraining.

The Power of The Word

This phenomena is the nature to how our energy becomes contagious for one another, and how in cultivating an awareness of our mood and energy levels at all times, we begin to see entrainment at work. When we are of this awareness, we can then begin positively shifting events and outcomes so that all involved shall benefit!

“Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness. Depending upon where an individual’s awareness is placed when they create a certain sound, the sound will carry information on that state to the person receiving it.”
– Jonathan Goldman

If we truly begin to expand our consciousness, we will pay very acute attention to not only how we speak, but as well as the actual words we are saying. If every word has a unique vibration and symbolic meaning, then we see how our words formulated into sentences can be like spells based on our intentions. There are spells/intentions that are creative and constructive, and there are also spells/intentions  are damaging and destructive.

We are also learning that words can also have a distractive nature to them, depending on what our message is. I have noticed that certain words carry what you could say is karmic weight, meaning, that because of society’s exposure and interaction with certain words, just the sheer mention of them will create an emotional reaction in people and block the potential of one’s message to continue, as we can get caught up and hold onto certain vibrations that evoke resonant memories from our past exposure to them. This is the power of the Word.

I try to maintain a very keen awareness of the specific words that I choose to use in my conversation and communication with others. Many people have described the conscious and concise way in which I speak, which has allowed me to gain faith and trust in my use of the Words. Words are the magic of life, this I have found to be true. The Words you use will open or close doors for you. Just as powerful are the absence of Words, in one’s presence and attentive listening we offer to others.

Sonic alchemy = Transforming and transmuting the world through the Word.

“The human voice is the most accessible of instruments and easiest to embed intention.”

-Jonathan Goldman

This concludes the first chapter of my ongoing book, “The Art of Energetic Awareness”.  Thank you for reading this free sample chapter as I continue to organize and write.  There will be much more high-vibrational information to come as I set the intention to elevate planetary consciousness with the wisdoms of sacred sound technology.  

To learn more about how you can experience the healing power of sound, please explore my free sound healing with voice class here.

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