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Live Performance

Live Performance

Matthew is a talented multi-instrumentalist and is available for a variety for music performances and events.

His primary instruments of choice include acoustic guitar, piano, voice, percussion, world instruments and live looping electronics.

He has performed on stages all over Southeast Georgia, namely Savannah, Northeast Ohio, New Mexico, at music festivals in Tennessee, as well as performances internationally in Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; London, England; Visoko, Bosnia and the Valencia region of Spain.

Acoustic Guitar

Photo by Satya Sullivan of Ripple Studios

Matthew’s favorite instrument to express himself is the acoustic guitar. With over 20 years of dedicated practice and songwriting, he has found his favorite technique is fingerpicking arpeggiations, with recent explorations into open tunings.

He currently owns a Takemine acoustic/electric (his first guitar and gift from his father) tuned in standard tuning and several 3/4 sized Ibanez mahogany acoustic guitars tuned to open E tuning.

Great examples of his acoustic guitar work can be found on his most recent album released in 2020, Victory and in his many youtube videos which can be enjoyed below:

sacred Sound Journeys

Sound Bath & Acupuncture with Jen Macgregor

Matthew has performed his ‘Sacred Sound Journeys’ since 2014, primarily in the Savannah, Georgia area. Most of his offerings have been performed at yoga studios, churches, places of worship, and other sacred spaces. In these performances, Matthew layers a variety of world sounds ranging from overtone-vocals, singing bowls, indigenous flutes, didgeridoos, occasionally gong and a variety of other percussive elements.

Please view below for some of his performance examples:

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