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Elevate – 11 Minute Sonic Journey Meditation – 70BPM
Vocalive – 11 Minute Sonic Journey Meditation – 60BPM
Dreamtime – Didjeridoo Sonic Journey Meditation – 3 tracks


Elevate – MP3 Download – AudioSoul Healing Sonic Journey – 11 minute Meditation – 70BPM

Listen to the sample above

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“Elevate” is a beautiful, lush and timeless Sonic Journey traveling with layered vocal harmonies, percussion, and binaural singing bowl frequencies.  This 11 minute meditation is pulsed at 70BPM to slow the heart rate to 70 beats per minute and the singing bowl binaurals are set to tune the brain to the Alpha wave state between 8hz-12hz.

Elevate Featured Review
“I wore headphones to experience this remarkable track. From the very start I felt the sounds vibrating and feeding my whole crown chakra and on a cellular level I felt my cells literally being energized, then when the drums were added my shakti started to respond in my solar plexus and belly, at one point my heart opened and I felt an urge to cry but I was moved quickly into deeper parts of myself… It felt like a journey into feeling adventures of knowing, that’s the best i can come up with as words cannot do justice or possibly explain the experience. It was truly remarkable. At the end I felt relaxed yet renewed and definitely feel as if I experienced something magical beyond this dimension. Thank you for your gift, I feel very blessed to have stumbled across the real thing.”
– Caroline DeLisser

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AudioSoul Healing Sonic Journey – Elevate – 11 minute Meditation Animation





Vocalive – MP3 Download – AudioSoul Healing Sonic Journey – 11 minute Meditation – 60BPM

Listen to the sample above

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‘Vocalive’ ~ This 11-minute AudioSoul Healing Sonic Journey meditation is a dynamic vocal transmission carried by the sonic flight of the voice.  Pulsed at 60 beats per minute, to slow your heart rate to sixty beats per minute, allow relaxation and guide you through atmospheric healing terrain.


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AudioSoul Healing Sonic Journey – Vocalive – 11 minute Meditation Animation


*(AudioSoul Script – Handlettered by Gifted Creative Group)



MP3 Download – Dreamtime Journey – AudioSoul Healing Sonic Journey (Didjeridoo) – 3 Tracks

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This meditation goes deep into the instinctive, primal and animalistic aspect that we all contain deep within our DNA and subconscious memories.  Using the transportive power of the didjeridoo to take the listener into the aboriginal Dreamtime.

Listen for the sound of animals and nature guides hiding within the didjeridoo’s frequencies as you feel these aspects vibrating within yourself.

01 DreamTime Journey – 17:07

Listen to the sample above

02 DreamTime Journey (Didg Mix) – 5:52

Listen to the sample above

03 DreamTime Journey (Puma Medicine Mix) – 6:40

Listen to the sample above

Track 1 is 65bpm and Tracks 2 & 3 are 60bpm. Each beat entraining the heart to mimic the same beats per minute, bringing one’s body into an observant and aware vessel.


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